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Thank you for your interest in The Salvation Army’s Ontario Camping Ministry for your child/children.
We offer two camping programs each summer
– “BLAZE” for ages 6-9 at the Jackson’s Point Camp on Lake Simcoe
– “Newport Adventure Camp” for ages 10-16 at Camp Newport on Skeleton Lake near Huntsville

NOTE: In 2018, all campers registering from York Community Church will attend the week of August 20-25.
Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to these dates.

Families are asked to contribute whatever they are able to the registration cost of this camp but no child will be denied for financial reasons.
Therefore, all families who are asking for financial assistance MUST FIRST APPLY to the Canadian Tire Jump Start program for assistance.  York Community Church will cover any registration costs beyond what is received from Jump Start plus what the family can contribute from their own funds.

Please carefully read the information below before starting the application. 

It is specifically important that you get the correct name for The Name of the charitable service organization (see instructions below)

    • Income assessment


    • Prior T4 Statement from last year taxes


    • Three consecutive pay stubs
Application Process:

Step 1 – requires basic information
Step 2 – Chapter information; including name for your regional manager will be provided
Step 3 –  Secondary information for contacting guardian/parent as well as one of the above 3 options of payment confirmation

1. Click the save button to save the information you have entered and to move onto the next page

2. Next to where it says ” Upload Proof of Family Unit Income (before tax):” here are 5 button options. Click the top left black one with the arrow going upwards.

3. A drag & drop box will pop up. Either you can drag the file from elsewhere on your computer into that box


Click on the tiny red & white folder button on the page to select the item you want from your documents/desktop

4. Once it shows the document(s) are uploaded. You may exit the box and click NEXT to bring you to step 4

Step 4 – Includes the information for your child and the program you need to apply for

  • Activity – Select any sport
  • The start date of program is August 20th
  • The end date of program is August 25th
  • The program runs for 1 week
  • It will run for 6 days
  • $400.00 is the total amount for the program
  • How long each day – Select the longest time. I.E. – 8 hours
  • York Community Church
  • Skip program registration number

Step 5

  • Amount requesting from Jump start = 200.00
  • ***Organization name = The Salvation Army – drop down menu – York Community Church (it will come up as the Salvation Army – West)
  • Equipment – 0.00

At this time it will give the option to add an additional child or submit. Do not submit until you have added all children to your household
After submitting; a “Submission number” will be provided (E.g. – ON#########)

To insure your child(ren) is enrolled and York Community Church can pay for the remainder of the camp fee (after applying for jumpstart) 
  •  Put “York Community Church” as the payee
  •  Add the Submission Number in the appropriate field of the online application. 

After applying for Jump Start, return here to register for camp

If you need assistance with the application, contact Jeremy at 416-766-1361 ext 4 or at